Road to St. Maarten

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Hello! Is anyone still out there following this blog??? I said "goodbye" in 2011 but I guess I didn't mean it. I'm back with no promises about how long or how often but I am here. Allow me to address the title of this post. My friend whom I have known since 9th grade is celebrating her 27th birthday. Sidenote: have you been keeping up with my foolishness here and on twitter since I was like 21? I'm turning 27 this year. You are a trooper. Congratulate yourself! Ok, now back to the post. I have seen chronicles of my girl's adventures via facebook and twitter. This time, I was invited along to participate, which fits with a major portion of my vision board. She's an international jetsetting beast and I am a novice traveler so I trust her to be my guide in this goal. The destination: St Maarten.

The cost of the trip has been paid: my flight is booked, my stay is paid-in-full, and my CC balance is $0. While my financial accounts are settled, I haven't paid physically. I am in no way beach-ready. Sure, I can find a swimsuit to fit me but I want photographic evidence of a bikini-laden body before I hit 30. So where am I with the process? I'll share:

I am on day 3 of Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred. Shred is a 20-minute interval workout plus warm-up and cool down. The DVD is broken down into 3 levels so I intend on doing each level for 10 days. The workout is over quickly and she promises weight loss of up to 20 lbs in the 30-day period. This is perfect for me because my goal was just 10 lbs but I have been diet reckless and must now lose 20 lbs before this trip.

So far, my arms hate me, however she has me doing ab work. It's not much but it's more than zero for a person who skips that segment on every DVD/workout plan. I am the same girl who totally skipped out on abs day and yoga day in P90X and just gave myself days off.

I am inviting you to read along as I journal my progress in preparation to depart for the island in two-months time. Maybe I'll share some other stuff going on with me, also, too, as well.

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