Level 2: Day 1

Monday, March 11, 2013
I allowed myself to progress to the second level despite not having fully mastered all of level 1 moves. I attempted every move and completed few of them. Level 2 is significantly more difficult for me. The super brief cool down is a waste of time still. There is plenty of planking in this round which was never done in the first level. I think if there had been at least 1 plank move, I would have been better prepared. I have about 6 more times to get it right. I am making the decision to remain on the calendar schedule so whether or not I master level 2, it's on to level 3 on the 21st. The road to SXM will not be completely paved with this one DVD. I plan to mix it the hell up b/c I quickly get bored with the same approaches. I need to make dietary lifestyle changes, use other DVDs I have purchased, and I have Pinterest pins of exercise routines to throw in on weekends.

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