better late than never

Thursday, February 4, 2010
you know non-boyfriend? the guy i regularly profess being DONE with? yea, him. well that guy took me to see the book of eli this sunday. the movie has been out for going on 3 weeks now and we had plans to see it opening weekend but things transpired. i must say it was worth the wait. my first movie pick, armored, sucked ASS and i was almost on probation from picking movies. he gave me another shot because in this case he was interested in this movie. i was pretty confident that i wasnt going to get #banned.

there were no grounds for banning. denzel's old ass was still convincing as a bad ass fuckin people up. well, with the exception of one shirtless scene that had me like "aww my boo is starting really to show his age". i hesitate to say more about the movie without feeling like a huge *SPOILER ALERT* is in order but i recommend this flick. i'll go ahead and name this as movie of the month. go see it, if you haven't. if you have, tell me what you thought.

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