un-snowed in

Thursday, February 11, 2010
havent been updating the blog. in case you dont follow ANY news source, i was under several blankets of snow for the past few days. actually, more like a week. last friday, i took the preemptive measure to go to my sister's house (45 minutes-ish away) because i refused to be snowed in at my parents' house. i dont have satellite in my room, the snacks they buy suck, and im in the house most weekends because i dont have a job or money. i already had cabin fever and i needed a change of scenery.

if you follow me on twitter, you know all i did was play wii and laugh at my nieces. i watched twilight on netflix (b00, but i still wanna see new moon because i need to know why anyone ever likes this series. i hear the books are better which is not hard to believe). i cant get those 2 hours back.

i also cant get the time back from watching just married starring brittany murphy. my sis got that on netflix b/c she couldnt remember who she was when she died and someone at her job said she was in that. why couldnt the person just say she was in clueless? she was in girl, interrupted and drop dead gorgeous as well in case anyone wanted to know some movie credits. she voiced luanne on king of the hill. there. now dont go watching crappy movies just to find out who she was.

so now you see why i was absent. unless you wanted a transcript of my arguments with non-boyfriend, you werent missing anything. if you feel in any way robbed of that experience here it go:

non-bf: *bunch of one word answers*
me: aiight, i'll talk to you later
non-bf: why...? man, whatever
me: *hangs up*

non-bf: having some sort of attitude and complaining about me being too far away for him to drive to me IN A BLIZZARD
me: fuck you *hangs up*

mix in w/ that was a series of "i miss you" and "i miss you more" back and forth.

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