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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
i cant remember but have i told you all about Google Reader? there is no way im able to keep in my head all the blogs i love. i cant remember who to visit and how often they post. when i first started blogging, i had a little blog roll on my own page and id take a chance seeing whether some of my absolute favorites posted that day. those days are gone, thankfully.

thanks to google reader, i know exactly whether or not someone posted and with the click of a spacebar, i can skip over those posts i have no actual interest in. i find myself skipping over those totalbeauty.com sponsored posts all the time. why are you doing those? do you get paid to? ugh...anyway. there is some delay so it wont show up in my reader as SOON as it's live on your site but i estimate that there is at most, a 5 minute lapse. it's probably not even that long. there are some blogs that either dont have agood RSS feed so they dont show up right in reader OR they dont show the whole post in reader so i have to pass those blogs by. im not going to remember to check on those blogs regularly. sorry. i rely on google reader way too heavily. if i want to comment or enter a contest, i dont mind going to the actual site but just to finish an entry im not 100% into, that's too much for me .

if you're wondering if your posts show up fully in google reader, add yourself. if you already have a gmail account, it's really simple to get started. login to igoogle.com and click the tab that says "reader". i beleive it tells you how to add your favorite sites. plus once on the sites you visit, you can click their subscription icons and add it to reader. another option is to add a "subscribe" button to your internet browser which google also helps you with.

do you use google reader? how do you make sure you dont miss a post from your favorite bloggers?

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I used the reader a while ago but I don't remember my password (it was under another google account) so I just forgot about it but thanks for the reminder.