Friday, March 22, 2013
I'll tell you the end at the beginning: I got myself a banana and powered through it (I don't even like bananas). I reached for the Welch's fruit snacks first and thought better of it. I see growth and progress in that as I am making healthier, lower calorie, more efficient food choices. I had a lot of reasons NOT to work out today and only one to do it: I told myself I would. I honored myself by following through on a commitment I made to me. I work in service of everyone else. I'm at a point of burnout. Not a career-ending burnout b/c it's nothing my upcoming vacation won't fix but a burnout nonetheless. I needed this. The endorphins, the one step closer to my goals, the release. I gave myself a gift for which there is no excuse.


Thursday, March 21, 2013
I lost approximately 1.5 lbs of those extra 3 I picked up. I have been keeping a food diary for the last couple of days. This time, it's a handwritten one rather than using My Fitness Planner. Something about the old-fashioned way has me more accountable. Plus, I found a use for that moleskin journal since I haven't been writing poetry much. I struggled through another installment of level 2 of Shred and all I could think about was a green smoothie. Here's what I threw together (no measuring):

nut and honey granola
mixed berry activia yogurt

No bad. Next time, I'll add ice. It's a little warm. Throwing this tasty concoction in the 'fridge while I go shower. Today, I learned to use what you have and try things out. I dont have all the stuff in the recipes I came across online but this tastes something close to the Bolthouse joint I buy sometimes anyhow.

Set Backs

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
I stepped on the scale and was greeted by 3 additional pounds. Haven't lost an ounce but I GAINED 3 lbs. I missed too many workouts, made poor eating choices, and haven't had enough water. I want to blame some of this on monthly weight gain but that is likely not the case. So I am now 13 lbs over original weight and that was supposed to be a starting weight so 23 lbs from goal weight. WAAAAAAA *sips lemon water*

Tough Decisions

Thursday, March 14, 2013
I'm all about integrity. I don't feel just in just starting level 3 on the 10 day mark. For one thing, level 2 is kicking my butt too bad and I wanna honor myself by allowing myself time. The other reason is I had two unplanned non-workout days. Those are in addition to the unforseen one I am having this weekend. Technically, there are two this weekend as Idk how much of a workout paintball is and I won't be doing Jillian Michaels. All factors considered, I have decided to extend my challenge 4 days. Barring any further interruptions in the plan, this will put me with an end date exactly one month from SXM. I can live with that.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Not a complete fail but some fail is going on. Couldn't get my workout this morning b/c of an unforseen emergency that wasnt even an emergency so much as it was fucking inconvenient. Anyway, this is the night I work til 8 and having had to get ready and out of the house early to rush to get to work for a long, hard day, a workout simply wasn't in the cards. Would you look at that run-on sentence? I'm tired and irritable. Good night.

Level 2: Day 1

Monday, March 11, 2013
I allowed myself to progress to the second level despite not having fully mastered all of level 1 moves. I attempted every move and completed few of them. Level 2 is significantly more difficult for me. The super brief cool down is a waste of time still. There is plenty of planking in this round which was never done in the first level. I think if there had been at least 1 plank move, I would have been better prepared. I have about 6 more times to get it right. I am making the decision to remain on the calendar schedule so whether or not I master level 2, it's on to level 3 on the 21st. The road to SXM will not be completely paved with this one DVD. I plan to mix it the hell up b/c I quickly get bored with the same approaches. I need to make dietary lifestyle changes, use other DVDs I have purchased, and I have Pinterest pins of exercise routines to throw in on weekends.

Planning Ahead

Sunday, March 10, 2013
My niece's bday is this week. To celebrate, she wants to play paintball Saturday. She lives far out and then the paintball spot is further. I'll be spending the weekend there resulting in losing two workout days. Friday is already a scheduled rest day so no problems there. Saturday is the day of paintball and I'm gonna count that as a workout since I assume I'll be running around. Sunday is St. Patty's Day where I was already scheduled to do a little drinking and then I have a date with my man. Theoretically, I'm losing one workout day. I could live with that. I plan to watch my portions this week and definitely take it easy on drinking for safety and responsibility above anything else.