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Saturday, April 18, 2009
im starting a reading list for the summer. 

between classes, work, and vacay time, i'm setting a goal for myself. i'm going to try to read at least 5 novels. i used to love to read when i was younger but school has ruined that. some friends have inspired me to get back into it. i need something other than magazines for the bus ride across the city so i'm taking YOUR suggestions. 

what is your favorite book? if you say Coldest Winter Ever, you can exit stage right. what's a book that maybe isn't your favorite but you are fond of? 

i wont be selfish. here is a list of books i really liked (most of which i'm sure you've read):

1. their eyes were watching god- zora neale hurston
2. invisible man- ralph ellison
3. makes me wanna holler- nathan mccall
4. things fall apart- chenua achebe

4 thought(s):

Carmesha said...

a few I could think of are:

Native Son- Richard Wright
The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
Long Walk to Freedom (really long but good)- autobiography of Nelson Mandela

T said...

I like chic lit, so I'd suggest the shopaholic series. Chic lit is a welcome relief from reality. Shopaholic isn't my favorite, but the books are real page-turners.

I haven't read any fiction in a while. I need to.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Seriously I was going to suggest three book but you have them on your list #1,2,4. I just purchased some book called brothers and sisters (something like that) didn't start reading yet though. Another book may be the dreams my father had (hoped) dang I cant remember titles today but it's by B. Obama.
Don't know if you want to also check some Toni Morrison books....
have fun getting back into the reading groove. and LOL LOL @ your coldest winter comment- I think I read paragraph 1 and said no thanks.

Jaded said...

I have a serious issue with that coldest winter ever book. I read it in HS and it was my least favorite book EVER...I mean I was more of an Omar Tyree Flyy Girl kinda chick. But my favorite book is actually a childrens (YA) book. The Giver. By Louis Lowry. I read it in the 5th grade and like 10 other times since then.

Also a huge fan of the British Chick Lit (Sophie Kinsella...Irish Marian Keyes...)