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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
it's been 4 months since i last used heat on my hair. 120 days without a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer. my hair has looked really cute and it has also looked really bad. i've been washing it close to everyday with either just shampoo, a shampoo/conditioner combo, just conditioner, or just water. to go to work and school, i spritz with a leave-in and gel the edges and sometimes put mousse all over. other times, i just put holding spritz in and go. some of the products are alcohol-free, others have alcohol. i'm trying to use up these two greasy things i bought: doo gro and something from carol's daughter. so when i think about it, i throw one of those up in my hair and toss it in a ponytail. 

after 4 months i still have 3 or 4 different textures of hair on my head. there are parts of my head where i'm pretty sure it could take a relaxer and others where it will probably break off. i dont know what i want to do with it and im thinking about cutting and/or relaxing it. 

eww, a no-makeup pic to follow:

look at that ^. i have some corkscrew curls, some waves, some bone straight, and you can see the middle but there is no curl pattern. it's just fuzzy. 

2 thought(s):

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

We BGs really do have so many different textures of hair on one head. I say go for a cute cut! :-)

I'm giving you advice that I should be taking myself. LOL

T said...

Girl, your face in this picture is hilarity defined. You're looking at you hair like "Why won't you act right."

I've definitely been there.