i will not

Friday, April 24, 2009
i am not going to watch obsessed. no one can make me. i know i've said many times how i love idris elba but that love does not outweigh sitting through beyonce's repeated failed attempt at acting. someone thinks i owe them this because we saw watchmen and did not enjoy it. i dont because i had no way of knowing it was going to be blue penis for 3 hours. im not going into this KNOWING i hate beyonce in movies. im in no mood to punish myself. my regular life is punishment enough, thanks. if it ever shows up in my sister's netflix queue (doubt it), maybe i'll watch. 

5 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

On the commercial when she said "you want crazy I'll show you crazy" it is sooooo NOT believable.lol
Anyway how about the soloist?

PBW said...

It is quite the dilemma. But I'm with you. No man is fine enough to sit through Beyonce's acting.

T said...


I'll watch any movie sexual chocolate puts out.

Jaimie said...

ooo the soloist sounds good and that part is sooooo not believeable.

And I feel you EXACTLY GIRL. I want to see obsessed for my man Idris and Ali too, but i HATE BEYONCE TRYING TO ACT. everybody can;t do everything. Just because you can yell doesnt mean you can act. its painful to watch. she only got the part cuz she's "beyonce"

T said...

You know, on second thought, I heard from a bestie that it was HOT GARBAGE, so I'll be waiting for that bad boy on DVD. I might just keep it on mute and watch Idris. :)