i just want it to be over

Monday, April 27, 2009
i got news that my job is ending two weeks earlier than expected. i thought i was only going to end one job this week but im ending two. as usual, these people dont know what they want or what they are doing. clearly the contract i signed in August said May 19. let me have been the one who wanted to "quit this bitch" early...works out because i got this third job extra early in anticipation of being jobless for the summer. works out even better because i am utterly sick of job number one. it is not at all what i expected to be doing. i dont like most of the people i share an office space with and if i have to hear much more of that little office assistant boy's voice i am going to go off. why are you talking to your supervisor from across the room sounding like that and that fake laugh is obnoxious and it seems painful to produce. STFU! ugh. im ever so excited to see friday this week. plus 2/3 of my classes are over this week. one dude wants to be extra and meet on monday and them IM DONE!!!!!!!!

only thing is, now i have to be much more frugal. that sucks...

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