quick(-ish) update

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
my posts have been sporadic and here's why:

1. i put my life on twitter. anything mildly interesting that doesnt warrant a full post goes there: @a_banger

2. i dont do anything. no club, RARELY out for drinks/food w/ the girls. all because i dont work

3. also, since i dont work there are no product reviews until i win some more stuff

4. dont usually make time for the "peek in my closet" series and it's not about dressing cute anymore because we are just getting a new washing machine as i type. it's about whatever's clean and fits. and not always what fits...

5. non-bf and i do the same stuff: play wii, get food, argue, have sex, argue again, almost "break up", talk on the phone

6. been pretty lazy w/ make up. if im not doing something neutral and boring, im experimenting and not paying attention to what im using so i cant reproduce it in youtube tutorial form. also havent been making the conscious decision to sit down and record and just say, "this will be a youtube look". PLUS aint like anyone's asking how to do anything in particular. i post my faces of the the day on twitter in case anyone is interested in knowing how i did any of the looks. if you see something you like, let me know.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010
i remember being 3 years old and attending peace lutheran church. we randomly stopped going for some years until i got to middle school and started doing inapproriateness and then my mom made me go back. i remember a brief period before that when she tried to get us back in church and we went to allen AME church. when i went back to peace, i was super involved. sang in the choir, taught sunday school, attended events, went pretty much every sunday. that continued until around my junior year of high school when my involvement dropped off and i got ready to go off to school. in college, i recall going to services on campus less than a handfull of times. when spending they night with friends' local family on weekends, i attended church with them. when i moved off campus, i visited a couple of lutheran churches though i dont really identify with any particular denomination. a friend asked me to go to this baptist church with her and we would alternate driving on sundays since she lived in my apartment complex. during breaks, i just went to peace when i was home.

i came home to find my church (peace) in disarray. the pastor of the last like 5 years got a divorce and the congregation looked up the details b/c it's apparently public record. they discovered that the grounds for divorce were based on infidelity and they became more up in arms than before. i dont give a hell about the details of the man's divorce or the fact that he got one in the first place but there is a bunch of weirdness when i go. pews are more empty (it was already a small congregation) and the head nods are fewer and further between. it's just uncomfortable being up in there.

all that detail is to say, i'm going to start the process of looking for a new church to attend. idk but i profess myself to not be a really religious person but rather spiritual so i'm not sure why going to church is such a big deal to me. it just seems like my life feels way different when im not going to a church i enjoy. im really picky about the church i go to and i really am thinking about moving back to atl just to go to the baptist church i was going to despite the few things i didnt like about it. i basically didnt like that service sometimes went long on football sundays. that's all i can remember. if im able to commit and focus on this, i'll try to update you all on the process.


Monday, February 15, 2010
v05 is on sale this week @ cvs for 77 cents

also, you know you better go out and get that discounted vday candy.

who learned you how to act?

Sunday, February 14, 2010
- "can i told you a question"
-"who learned you how to spoke"
-comic view or something

where do guys learn how to treat women? where do they get their ideas from. seems to me that if you are a momma's boy or you live with nothing but women, you'd understand them better and know how to treat them. has. not. been. my. experience.

where do girls get their standards of what's acceptable and unacceptable from a dude? seems like things that are ok with me are never ok with my parents. also appears that things that i see as fucked up never look that way to the dude who's doing it.

what's a deal-breaker for you?


Friday, February 12, 2010
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un-snowed in

Thursday, February 11, 2010
havent been updating the blog. in case you dont follow ANY news source, i was under several blankets of snow for the past few days. actually, more like a week. last friday, i took the preemptive measure to go to my sister's house (45 minutes-ish away) because i refused to be snowed in at my parents' house. i dont have satellite in my room, the snacks they buy suck, and im in the house most weekends because i dont have a job or money. i already had cabin fever and i needed a change of scenery.

if you follow me on twitter, you know all i did was play wii and laugh at my nieces. i watched twilight on netflix (b00, but i still wanna see new moon because i need to know why anyone ever likes this series. i hear the books are better which is not hard to believe). i cant get those 2 hours back.

i also cant get the time back from watching just married starring brittany murphy. my sis got that on netflix b/c she couldnt remember who she was when she died and someone at her job said she was in that. why couldnt the person just say she was in clueless? she was in girl, interrupted and drop dead gorgeous as well in case anyone wanted to know some movie credits. she voiced luanne on king of the hill. there. now dont go watching crappy movies just to find out who she was.

so now you see why i was absent. unless you wanted a transcript of my arguments with non-boyfriend, you werent missing anything. if you feel in any way robbed of that experience here it go:

non-bf: *bunch of one word answers*
me: aiight, i'll talk to you later
non-bf: why...? man, whatever
me: *hangs up*

non-bf: having some sort of attitude and complaining about me being too far away for him to drive to me IN A BLIZZARD
me: fuck you *hangs up*

mix in w/ that was a series of "i miss you" and "i miss you more" back and forth.

they say

Monday, February 8, 2010
a few people have told my my hair is growing. let's check this out:
June 2009

October 2009

February 2010

looks like they're right. shows how observant i am...

all i know is...

Saturday, February 6, 2010
There's a difference between being alone and being lonely. Sadly, I'm both.

face your fears

Friday, February 5, 2010
i know what im afraid of. i was going to post an entry of a totally different title but i couldnt get through a paragraph without a strong reaction to what i was typing. im having a hard time even trying to clue you in as to what im referring. i have a desire for something that is totally incongruent with any of my feelings publicly expressed. i feel like i just figured this out. it's almost like someone devoting all their energy to hating something that they either are themselves or are envious of or they want or...you get the point. AND by now, i could bet you know what im talking about so that's all i have to say.

better late than never

Thursday, February 4, 2010
you know non-boyfriend? the guy i regularly profess being DONE with? yea, him. well that guy took me to see the book of eli this sunday. the movie has been out for going on 3 weeks now and we had plans to see it opening weekend but things transpired. i must say it was worth the wait. my first movie pick, armored, sucked ASS and i was almost on probation from picking movies. he gave me another shot because in this case he was interested in this movie. i was pretty confident that i wasnt going to get #banned.

there were no grounds for banning. denzel's old ass was still convincing as a bad ass fuckin people up. well, with the exception of one shirtless scene that had me like "aww my boo is starting really to show his age". i hesitate to say more about the movie without feeling like a huge *SPOILER ALERT* is in order but i recommend this flick. i'll go ahead and name this as movie of the month. go see it, if you haven't. if you have, tell me what you thought.

it's a big deal

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
all l'oreal eyeshadows and liners are on sale at cvs for $5. i'll take that back b/c it appeared that the HiP chrome liners were regular price (i recommend you try them). i got a HiP gel liner i plan to use for my more natural, fresh-faced looks. it's brown. i happened to get it for free since i had a $5 coupon for being a part of some customer panel or whatever. you can sign up to be a panel member here. happy bargain shopping!

have i told you about...?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
i cant remember but have i told you all about Google Reader? there is no way im able to keep in my head all the blogs i love. i cant remember who to visit and how often they post. when i first started blogging, i had a little blog roll on my own page and id take a chance seeing whether some of my absolute favorites posted that day. those days are gone, thankfully.

thanks to google reader, i know exactly whether or not someone posted and with the click of a spacebar, i can skip over those posts i have no actual interest in. i find myself skipping over those totalbeauty.com sponsored posts all the time. why are you doing those? do you get paid to? ugh...anyway. there is some delay so it wont show up in my reader as SOON as it's live on your site but i estimate that there is at most, a 5 minute lapse. it's probably not even that long. there are some blogs that either dont have agood RSS feed so they dont show up right in reader OR they dont show the whole post in reader so i have to pass those blogs by. im not going to remember to check on those blogs regularly. sorry. i rely on google reader way too heavily. if i want to comment or enter a contest, i dont mind going to the actual site but just to finish an entry im not 100% into, that's too much for me .

if you're wondering if your posts show up fully in google reader, add yourself. if you already have a gmail account, it's really simple to get started. login to igoogle.com and click the tab that says "reader". i beleive it tells you how to add your favorite sites. plus once on the sites you visit, you can click their subscription icons and add it to reader. another option is to add a "subscribe" button to your internet browser which google also helps you with.

do you use google reader? how do you make sure you dont miss a post from your favorite bloggers?

december 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010
i want to be done with this grad school think. my aim is for this december having 60 credits DONE. i'll take the NCE (counselor certification exam) in october. i'll start working on my hours for licensure thereafter. if i can achieve this goal, i've thought about some graduation gifts. all wishful thinking because who is gonna get me any of this shit? you? doubt it.

1. nintendo wii
2. iphone (if verizon begins carrying it as rumored)
3. partial or full student loan repayment
4. all necessary car repairs/maintenance
5. gift card to MAC in ANY denomination
6. digital camera