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Sunday, April 4, 2010
i hate when clients try to hit me w/ the "dont talk, just listen". that's what diaries and journals are for. i am going to tell you about yourself and i am going to get you to correct your faulty thinking. if you want to remain stuck in your patterns, stay home. you came to therapy for a reason so let's fix it.

i actually don't hate it when clients do it. it's not that bad. they dont know any better. i think it's worse when "friends" do it. i think i'll start being like my uncle and cut people off mid-sentence to say "ok, now let's talk about me".

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Phyllis Bourne said...

The dh and I are just like your uncle. Our conversations are filled with:

"You still talking?"

"Enough about you, let's get back to me."

"Oh, I thought you were done talking."

"When did we start talking about you again?"

And the family favorite:

"You aren't are Burger King, so you can't have it you way. We're gonna do it my way."