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Thursday, December 18, 2008
i don't write letters to santa anymore. i don't really answer the question, "what do you want for Christmas". i just get what i get. i still find it hilarious that my OLDER brother wakes me up saying "Ashley, get up! it's Christmas!" he's 25 and im 22. he'll be 26 this xmas and i really wonder if he'll come spend the night just so he can do that this year. 

i haven't wanted anything in particular in a while so i haven't written a list in forever. in keeping w/ '08 being different, i decided to write a list. here's my xmas list:

1. you
2. a blackberry
3. MAC eyeshadows in various shades or just a gift card
4. NARS "orgasm" polish and lip gloss (i already have the blush)
5. plane ticket to ATL, Chicago, NYC, or some other destination that's not here
6. my tuition; even for just a semester
7. a new coloring book and crayons with a BUNCH of colors bonus if it comes with a crayon sharpener 

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