fact: you have to settle

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
the fiction is that you should not settle but in reality, you have to. never in your life will you find the complete package. you cannot have it at 100%. it's just not goin' on. but if i can just get it to 85%, i think i could live with that. i think i've been greedy. really greedy. i wanted the conversation to be deep and profound and the sex to be poppin' and to be treated like a queen. you don't get just those 3 things in one person so why the hell did i think i could get my 1 million item list?

that is what friends are for. i got my 3 wives. i got my male bff. and i got my girlies from high school. they can all compensate for whatever some dude is lacking. n*gga can't think good? well CA, BP, and MJ got it on lock. not into movies that hard? that's where bff comes in. don't wanna bring your girl to the club? jaz and t will hold me down. and the list goes on with folks who wanna do the things i wanna do.

so now all i require is that a guy tries. just try. try to be there for me when i need someone to listen. try to cheer me up from time to time. try to convey in some way that i matter to you. try to please me between the sheets (most likely you won't succeed but at least allow me to enjoy myself while i watch you get yours). try to make sure i have a good time with you in general. whenever you fall short, at least i know you tried. i'll settle for that.

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PBW said...

Don't settle.

I'm good manwise, but not so good girlfriend wise. It seems all women I've met that are my age want to talk about are kids, grandkids and decorating oversize houses.

I tried settling, which left me bored and annoyed. So until I can find friends with similar interests make-up, romance novels, knitting and sports, I hang out with my damn self.

But no more settling.

T said...

Settling is some BS, but you're right girl. It's so hard to find a guy who has it all.

My problem is physical appearance and money. The pretty ones with the big wallets have attitude problems. And the ones with good attitudes and big wallets are wack in the face or too short or too (fill in the blank).

The young ones don't even have wallets and the old ones are paying alimony and child support (hate it!)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Well I guess I understand what you are saying...everybody can't be everything for any one person. I for one would like my hon to be a tad bit taller, but I can't complain otherwise.

But when you decide to "settle" make sure you aren't forsaking his emotional responsibility to you. I find that when women are taking care of in that department, everything else just falls off their backs as it were. For instance, he'll be tall, dark and not soooo handsome but it'll be ok because "his personality will make up for it".

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I know that we will never find 100% of what we are looking for, I totally agree with that. So technically it is settling but that's a tough pill to swallow. I think it's important to figure out the big stuff...what matters most to you and when you identify those things, that is what you can not absolutely will not settle on.
@T - I so know what you are saying.

Jaimie said...

girl you are speaking the truth! idk i expect 100percent too, but nowadays we can't, which is kinda sad. but a reality.