product review

Monday, December 8, 2008

what is it: sally hansen maximum growth plus nourishing nail color in "innocent nude"

what i thought: i picked this up because it was the only sally hansen product in the shade i wanted. see, i wanted a white nail polish but not stark white. i was trying to emmulate something i saw in a mag and this was the closest thing to it. it actually looked better than what i was trying to pull off. the added bonus was that this polish stays on AND it helped my nails grow a little faster than they normally do. my nails grow fast already and a little faster when polish is involved but lately, i had not been able to keep the stuff on. this stuff still chips but not nearly as much as the other shades and variations i own. i have her hard as nails, hard as wraps, and another maximum growth shade that was clearly very old because i got it at a deep discount and it doesn't work as well as this latest one i picked up. 

the verdict: it's a good look

2 thought(s):

Jaimie said...

it looks like one of those pretty soft opaque colors, i wanna try!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I love Sally Hansen's products.