what the damn?!

Sunday, December 28, 2008
my brother coined this phrase about two years ago. i dont remember the details of the circumstances. i just remember chillin' in the basement watching tv and my brother was behind me on the computer. suddenly, he thought out loud, "what the damn?!" and i just burst out laughing. i guess his intonation and the odd combination of words tickled me. anyway, i never knew what it meant to me until this very day. all i can think when i think about the cowboys v. eagles tonight is "what the damn?!" i cant watch the game because it's not being airred locally because the damn redskins are playing right now. all i can see is the score and all i can say is, "what the damn?!" like not only are we going to lose, we will lose rediculously. i am beyond overjoyed to not have to go to work tomorrow but i feel as though because we are losing so embarrassingly, i will still have to hear a certain person's mouth next week when i return. and now for another one of my favorite phrases: oh this is some bullshit! let me just cap it up with: this is a code 10, man down situation!!!!

2 thought(s):

PBW said...

Sorry they lost, hon.

My Jaguars tanked earlier this season. We tried to dump our season tickets on StubHub, but no takers. I say, "What the damn!" LOL!

T said...

What the damn is right. I watched that sorry game after the Bears embarrassed me and didn't even make it to the playoffs.

I was like are the Cowboys always this bad? You know I only watch the Bears.