i cant believe it

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
'08 is almost outta here. wow! what a year! let's review.

january- out w/ the old, in w/ the new. i saw my 2nd worst ex for hopefully the last time and turned around and brought in the new year with my big bro. fun times. 
february-my acceptances were official and i was all set to enroll at G-dub. also, i finally landed my internship so i wouldnt have to set Giles Hall ablaze. 
march- mr. officer was on that bullsh*t so nothing really eventful. my spelman sisters held me down. i LOVE my girls. 
april- miraculously, mr. officer came to his senses. finalized my plan for chuckin the deuces to the blue and white gates. 
may- GRADUATION. tearful goodbye's upon departure. i'll be back, i promise. 
june- i dont have a job yet? dang...
july- working: best job ever! oh, and i got my job lined up for the Fall
august- job ending, new job starts within a week. so what does antithesis do? hit the beach! taylor turned 1. i mean, my niece is the coolest, flyest 1 year old i know. so much fiercer than sasha...
september- i'm in grad school, so that means i gotta go to class huh? BOOOOOOOO!
october- 22!!!!!!! new ink. met someone new. and chante came to visit. 

2008 was the best and it aint even over yet. most of my years have been a whole lotta good, a whole lotta bad. 2008 was mostly good. my message to '09: top that, b*tch!

4 thought(s):

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

hopefully 09 treats you just as good, if not, even better.

Happy Tuesday

Product Junkie Diva said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good year. :-)

Bloggal said...

cool recap:)

something tells me that 09 is gonna be a great year of change. for everybody. i feel it in my bones.

Tiasha said...

2008 was, indeed, off the meat rack. LOL!

I might do one of these for NYE. It's so much to recap.