first of all, how dare you?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
office worker: how did he use it? as an object or...?
kelly: ryan used me as an object
ryan: did you have a question?
kelly: i have lots of questions. first of all, how dare you?

iDied! have you ever even watched 'the office'? loves it!

on take your daughter to work day michael said, "i am like eddie murphy in 'raw' and they are trying to make me like eddie murphy in 'daddy daycare'..." 

so random!

2 thought(s):

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

wow, that is random. i heard it was funny, steve carell(? sp)is hilarious on his own, may be i should catch an episode

antithesis said...

def. do that. steve carell's character is really funny in an obvious way but everyone else is pretty subtle.