everyday's the 14th

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i do not like this day. here is why:

1. love me all the time, everyday

2. im convinced the devil came up with this day because it's heinous what they do to chocolate. it's a good thing. why cram it with gross sauce things?

3. every stuffed animal sold on this day looks cheap and tacky. i love teddy bears and it's rude to tarnish their image in such a way

4. it's almost always cloudy or rainy and then i have to get dressed up and go somewhere. that sucks

5. *sad lonely kid in class moment* those elementary school cards that kids are supposed to give to every classmate that mysteriously never came with enough such that i would get one...

6. not knowing what to get a male on this wackest of wack days. i feel rude not getting them anything and sex isn't a gift. nor is spending money on some get-up that he will look at for 5 seconds and think that the subsequent sex was the gift anyway. 

2 thought(s):

Jaimie said...

girl its just a day. you shouldnt not like it. its fun
i agree with the love everyday part, but that should be expected. vday is just a day to show out its not that big a deal ya know? my mans away this weekend but it dont matter or doesnt mean someone doesnt love you.

antithesis said...

you are right. i need to stop disliking days. i also do not like columbus day but ill get over it because i get a day off. maybe if school/work was out for valentine's day, i would care more for it.