more on why i'll be single forever

Monday, February 9, 2009
welcome to reasons #675-680. may not have any of the following qualities. possessing them either eliminates you or puts a damper on your potentiality (is that a word? absolutely not. did i just make it one? sho nuff). who else can't wait for the last dragon? why is that so? because ive dealt with to many having said qualities and whatever it is about them makes them an f'd up person. 

potentiality- noun. the quality or condition of having potential 

you may not... from Detroit or some suburb there of an aquarius; especially if you were born on the same date as a previous suitor

...have attended the University of the District of Columbia

...have no discernable career goals

...think dinner and a movie are the only date options

2 thought(s):

T said...

I think these are all valid concerns/requests.

LMAO though at Detroit and the suburbs thereof.

la di da di da said...

you will always be single because your fat and ugly