session II

Monday, February 23, 2009
i promised to share my counseling experience. i'll tell you want it's like in the other chair. as the counselor, im still learning and it's complicated to explain here. but i can share how my therapy is going for my own issues.

i didnt say anything about session I because that was intake. *BORING* just filling out paperwork and figuring out what you are coming for. session II was picking up on where we left off two weeks ago. she asked me what has been going on since we last talked. i told her how id been feeling and what the source might be. then she asked for a specific exampleso that's how we got on the topic of whats been a huge issue for me for the past few months. she validated my feelings but she helped me to realize that my approach to the situation had be all wrong and my reason for the approach had a flimsy (sp) basis. after the session i felt a little bad. ive heard it gets bad before it gets better so i think the way i felt was normal. i eat my feelings so i went with a friend to get chipotle and a cupcakes from "georgetown cupcake".

any questions?

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Product Junkie Diva said...

You are writing about a serious topic and I want to thank you for sharing.
On another note....your profile pic is too FAB!

antithesis said...

thanks, PJD!