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Thursday, February 12, 2009

saw this movie this weekend. loved it. want it on DVD. it was cute and funny and all that but its not classic and doesnt need to be in your collection because of its timelessness. it's more like i need a friendly reminder not to put up with the bullshit. most of the characters were loveable and relate-able. i recommend you seeing it. some of my friends were hating on it and didnt want to see it but they really could benefit from it. it's therapeutic to laugh at yourself/people you know and have advised. i didnt read the book but i did skim through it in bookstore last year. i feel like it was VERY loosly based on the book and only so much that they can shair the title. i dont have a problem with that. i want that book and "it's called a break up because it's broken". have you read the book(s)/seen the movie?

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T said...

What do you think about the fact that there were no black main characters? I think it's fine (every movie can't have a black main character), but one of my girl's brought it to my attention and it was like a thing that makes you go hmmmm... LOL!