i win!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
the little boy in "big daddy" made up the game called "i win!" that's how i feel after having entered this blog world. not only have i won the opportunities for great insight and meeting even greater people, i win actual stuff. so far i've gotten:

1. a $20 mandee giftcard from brown girl gumbo
2. maybelline collosal volume mascara also from brown girl gumbo 
3. a long time ago, i got some stuff from product junkie diva
4. last month, i won the vaseline clinical lotion from pjd. 
5. finally, i got a Goody product gift basket, DDF protect and correct moisturizer, liz earle skin care regimine, and bliss triple oxygen mask from the mischo beauty blog.

if your pockets are on a recession diet and you haven't already, make your way over to these blogs. even if you never win a product, you win just by reading. GREAT BLOGS! so informative and useful. love you all!

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T said...

YAY! I've won stuff from blogs too. It's so much fun (and reading the blogs are fun too).