is that your complaint?

Friday, May 8, 2009
my supervisor called me into her office to tell me i'm doing a good job here but im too serious and should "smile more". 1. it's not so much that im serious but im FOCUSED. im new so im still learnin' some ish. 2. further, i'm here 3 hours a day so yea, i probably do treat it like it's "just a job". mainly because it is. 3. i aint the grinning-all-the-time type. try some cultural sensitivity! 4. who really voiced that complaint? all the people in here have probably seen me once, maybe twice and dont know my name...

i cant stand when people dont just speak to ME. you have an issue, tell me. or better yet, be an adult and have some manners and introduce yourself to me and maybe you'd get the smile you're looking for.

ugh. i wonder how long imma be able to deal with these WPs. this is the second time she came at me talking stupid in the couple weeks i've been here. first time, i was there before she rolled in and finished my tasks and was literally waiting 5 minutes to relieve this other girl for lunch. she gonna say, "this and that should be done before you sit down". no, honey, it was done before you rolled outta bed and strolled through the door because you "overslept". who does that after undergrad?

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WiZ said...

lol @ WP. Can you imagine if you didnt blog? lol. loving the purple btw. i hope you have fun at your new job