a whirlwind of emotions

Monday, May 18, 2009
i'm not in a relationship and havent really been in about 2 years but i'm feeling these songs right now. they somewhat relate to what im feeling about various men folk. see something you don't know? i suggest you acquire it! something you remember but isnt a part of your list? get it! something you have but haven't listened to in a while? revisit it!

1. it's over now- 112
2. not lookin'- mjb and kci
3. blame it on me- chrisette michele
4. tired- adele
5. the blues- tony toni tone
6. side step- robin thicke
7. wreckless love- alicia keys
8. take the box- amy winehouse
9.  green eyes- erykah badu
10. no substitute love- estelle
11. you used to love me- faith evans
12. love changes- jamie foxx and mjb
13. again- john legend

4 thought(s):

WiZ said...

dang girl. isnt there anyone out there that will be able to fill your void

antithesis said...

@ wiz-there's no void. im complete without a man but i would love to share this opulent life with someone who deserves it.

Jaimie said...

that 112 is the truth

ROHINI said...


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