a little less negativity

Saturday, May 9, 2009
i complain all the time about the bullshit that i suffer on a daily basis. let me try and think about some good things that happen. 

1. my nieces = the best two people to ever happen to me
2. some fellowship money for grad school 
3. a friend coming to pick me up, for a change (she got a car not long ago. yay her!)
4. an unexpected bday invitation (thoroughly enjoyed myself)
5. getting that guy's number who i initially thought was sooooo cute. (upon further inspection, not really but still nice)
6. old men buying me shots and asking for NOTHING more than my name in return
7. the people who comment on my blog and whose blogs i enjoy
8. my favorite MAC MA being there most times i go to the georgetown store. he is SO cute and nice and he knows his stuff. 
9. i had a good hair day despite going to the salon on a rainy day and bonus, my hair reacted favorably to the chemicals!
10. i successfully completed two semesters of grad school.

what are you happy about/ proud of? list some of your good news/good feely things in the comments

6 thought(s):

T said...

I LOVE #5.

I'm happy about the weekend... every weekend. I'm proud of my neices 7, going on 8,10 and 5 weeks old. I'm proud of my wonderful friendships and my ability to live below my means.

YAY for the happy post. I definitely needed this today.

yummy411 said...

lol.. my last accomplishment is converting non makeup wearers into someone who likes false lashes! that counts right?

so who's your fave MAC MA at gtown??

antithesis said...

@yummy411- i LOVE shamar and lauren is cool, too. i think my friend's fav is lauren.

B said...

I love this! Being positive is so contagious. I am proud of handling my business and making my dreams come true--even though I'm not taking the route others want me to take. I'm happy!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL LOL @ #5 upon further inspection....
BIG Congrats on finishing two semesters of grad school. Almost there.... :-)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I've been trying to be less negative too! Two of my friends call me "Debbie" as in "Debbie Downer!" lol

So I'm happy that I recently got to spend time with my best friend in Chicago.

I'm grateful for getting a new apt...although I'm still without tv/internet.

I'm happy that my other bff from chicago came to visit me and took me to my fave restaurant for my bday.

Overall, we all have so much to be grateful for! :-)

Great post!!