ooohhh, you gon' get it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
continued from twitter- things that should happen to anyone who has wronged me:
  1. be forced to watch "the fashion show" 
  2. hold a 20-minute conversation with tyra banks
  3. be forced to listen to me sing the following: "can't live"- mariah carey, "love"- keyshia cole, anything by whitney houston, and "no one"- alicia keys"
  4. have to watch "from justin to kelly"
  5. have to ride the MARTA (or equally bad public transportation) for a week as their only means of transportation
  6. be made wear clothing made of burlap in 90 degree weather
  7. watch an entire golf tournament live, not on tv
can't think of anything else. what would be on your list?

4 thought(s):

Jaimie said...

I LOVEEEEE your new layout!! And yallhave a Marta too?

T said...

Great post!

- Have to sit in a hot telephone booth at the Taste of Chicago watching people go by with tasty food that you can't eat.
- Have to explain ANYTHING to dumb ass Kelly from Real Housewives of New York

WiZ said...

lol @ T. nice one. that golf one is pretty harsh too. I mean i watch it on TV but i would have died to watch it live.

antithesis said...

@ Jaimie- i was referring to the ATL MARTA but in DC we have the metro. it wouldnt really be punishment to have to ride metro, though...

@T- i totally forgot about kelly! that's worse than talking to tyra. and i like the phone booth one, too. if we had any more left in DC, i'd have to add that to the list.