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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
I wouldn't be so damn sensitive, I'd let things go by
No matter what the weather, I'd learn to change, I'd change with the time
- Dreamworld- Robin Thicke

have you ever had the same dream once a year with little to no variation? that went on for a while when i was a kid. it was about this huge green, glowing witch floating outside my bedroom window. 

this is pretty common, but have you ever dreamt about the last thing you thought about when you went to sleep?

what if someone was playing the radio right before you wake up? was whatever song that was on somehow incorporated in your dream? my mom was playing the radio and in my dream the same song was playing in the convenience store i was in. when i woke up, it was at the same point it would have been if i was still sleeping. 

what about finishing dreams? you ever wake up and then go back and finish a dream where it left off? sometimes i get the last few minutes of the dream over again and then it continues like movie. my brother claimed her woke up one morning and went to bed one night and finished a dream...

you ever had a dream make so little sense or be so bad or so scary that you force yourself to wake up?

tell me about your dreams. 

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T said...

I don't remember most of my dreams, I just wake up with a feeling. Anger, sadness, happiness, content, excitement. I know who was in the dream or what type of people were in the dream, but never specific details.

Then I have crazy dreams that I remember all the details to because they make NO sense at all. When I dream, I probably have about 10 dreams a night.

I rarely dream about what I was doing before I went to sleep unless I was watching law and order, in which case I have nightmares.

And I have nightmares about things that are nightmarish to me, but not really that bad the grand scheme of things (chipped nail polish, bad weaves, horrible vacations, ish like that).

Great topic!