2011 Goals List

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
i say the following every year on this blog: i dont do NY resolutions. without fail, i still set some goals that i do not follow through on/keep up with. someone tell me what i spoke of last year? yea, i dont remember either. here's some sh*t i wanna be better about:

1. practice not being fat- i wanna make health a habit and not a chore.

2. be financially fit, too- sallie mae, that slut-butt bitch, will be knocking on my door sooner than i want asking me to make good on that grad loan she gave me. i'd love to be like "i aint got it" but my grandma and my sis are on those loans. they not gonna be stalkin' my meemaw. no sir. plus i wanna get outta "mommy" and "daddy's" house. it's time.

3. be nicer to my car- me and stewie are road dawgs but damn if shawty dont need a facelift. he needs a front (thanks, nene eye) and rear bumper replaced. the rear is all me. i swear i didnt see that yellow THING. idk what the hell that was or why it was there. at the very least, i could wash him regularly.

4. do it now- im still on this. latest "do it now": tickets to alvin ailey in feb. i went ahead and grabbed tix for me and sis without regard to whether or not she'd pay me back. good news: she plans to write me a check for her ticket!

what do you not want to have another year of/what changes would you like to implement for the rest of your life? AND do tell why you need to wait until midnight 12/31???

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sssdawna said...

great goals for 2011. "slut butt bitch" lmaoooo i'm taking a break from school and will be paying off loans...or something. i'm still trying to figure it all out. i definitely wanna pass my tests at work and get some bonuses...just strengthen all the relationships i care about : ) trust me, i'm not waitin!!