i cant handle me right now

Thursday, December 16, 2010
im in so much like that i really cannot stand myself. ya'll know i'm fickle and i default on pessimism but im just sick right now because i'm liking someone. but just like it takes almost nothing to make me this happy, something simple can easily make me just as upset. but im trying not to think of that. im also not wanting to think of how exponentially happy he just made me. do you want to know what has my dimples creating black holes in my cheeks? i said "no, not yet" and he said "ok". *drops mic*

*picks it back up because when do i really have posts that short?*

no, but seriously. i didnt get no "baby, why not". there was no "what's the problem, we've done it before". no bullshit. just "ok" and "i understand". when i tell you how badly i wanted to drop my panties...but i couldnt. wasnt right. wasnt what i needed. i need him to know that i REALLY like him and this can't be just a sex thing like it's been in the past. *sigh* would have been nice to get it in though.

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