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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
i have a lot of...um. there are a few facebook evangelists, if you will, on my friends list. every status update is on some "God doesnt like anything about you" stuff. they rarely, if ever have status updates regarding anything but going to church, being faithful in the word, and all that noise. nothing wrong with that. idk why one fellow is pulpitting CONSTANTLY and sometimes condescendingly with a child out of wedlock but that's not my business to judge...

my question to you is: im not sure my question. i guess i wanna know if God has a sense of humor.

i mean i know i tweet some stuff that is probably frowned upon and outright disdained by God. im not making any excuses for my behavior. im curious if it's God's intention for us to be as these people profess. i know the Word is open to interpretation but i dont see many who do not fit this mold. i know we all sinners but these folks act like they're somehow better at not sinning.

it seems like there are only a few kinds of Christians: the condeming kind, the hypocritical kind, the self-righteous kind, the christmas/easter kind, or the "i didnt know you went to church"/ "it's a secret" kind. which one are you?

im probably the self-righteous kind. it's ok for me to be how i am and make excuses for what i do but you cant come to me talking about what i do because i will call you out on where your faulter. and before you go off, clearly i know this is not the right way to be.

it's so inconvenient to want to reap the benefits of heaven but try to have earthly fun. i need to strike some common ground and find a resolution b/c i know the bible says i cant serve two Gods, Him and this world...

gimme some thoughts on this. tread lightly if you dont want your comment deleted.

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T said...

I'm not a big fan of the "Don't tell me how to act because you're not perfect" attitude. I'm also not a big fan of preachers who aren't in the pulpit.

I think confessing Christianity out loud is less of a "I'm better than you" proposition" and more of a "I'm trying" stance.

Just like people who are well don't go to the emergency room, people who are perfect don't go to church (or exist at all).

I'm not going to pick which Christian am I because I don't think any of the descriptions you provided are flattering or deep enough. They're very much surface scratchers (and that's fine).

antithesis said...

T, im not saying u have to necessarily fit the descriptions i gave. i'd actually be interested to hear in what ways people describe themselves.

i agree with you that the "ur not perfect either" argument is weak but i get defensive when others' stance is us/them and ostracizing and such. i can appreciate much better a "let's work on us together" approach. you get what i mean?

T said...

Yep, that makes a lot of sense sense.

For the us vs. them preachy people, I just look at them as immature Christians. They've not yet learned how to be in the world, but not of the world and they are struggling daily to keep the faith. So rather than admit, man, doing the right thing is tough, they just talk about how good it is to do right and how bad everyone else is.

Just like I don't get mad when kids do stuff that kids do, I don't get (too) upset with them for being immature. As they grow in the faith, hopefully they'll pipe down with the unsolicited sermons and the overly showy display of their "goodness."

I'm not very good at defining myself, so I'm going to bow out of that question.