i love the idea of him

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
i really liked him once upon a time and then the bottom fell out. i was reminded of why i was into him. he attended good schools. he's black. he parked his car and came to the door. he's sexy. he's the right height. he's the right build. he's a cowboys fan. he's sexy. he has a sense of humor. his inappropriate meter, like mine, was never calibrated. we have fun together. ive fallen asleep in his arms.

he does things i do not like. he talks about things i dont care about. there's still plenty i dont know about him. but, most importantly, he does not appear to feel about me what i feel about him. so all of that first paragraph thing never matters. we supposedly want different things.

yall almost saw me care about someone. close but no cigar.

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