do you have one of those?

Sunday, December 5, 2010
do you have a "one that got away"? what does that even mean? it seems like you're saying there was a girl/guy who things were great with and then whatever happened and things went bad and you never saw or heard from them again. and THEN you think about them all the time and you wonder what if?

i dont really feel like that makes sense. of course, there are guys i think about about and i smile a little. then i remember the way in which we parted or whatever they did that i hated and then im like "oh yea". that's pretty much the extent of it. but apparently, it is not that way at all for other people.

i had a dude tell me "i dont think like that. i focus on the good. you fixate on the negative". i dont deny that. i dont live a life of sunshine and fucking glitter. i live a life of balance; that means i recognize the good and the bad and when the bad outweighs the good, you gotta GO.

while i dont have someone who got away, i have someone that if i did things a little differently, things probably wouldnt be horrible. i did a needs assessment and something i wanted but didnt get should not have been a deal breaker right away. i think i try to anticipate issues and bail before they occur. im an instant gratification type of person but im trying to train myself to wait. i need to realize that everything cant be on MY time. imma try. we'll see.

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sssdawna said...

balance is good. so is never accepting less than what you really want. if some want to call that "fixating on the negative"...

i had a problem with living in fear of "what ifs", but still you shouldn't ignore obvious red flags.

patience is something i STILL am working on lol. gimme tips...

o yea, i don't really have anyone who "got away". relationships end for a reason--it wasn't meant to be. maybe later in life, it will be meant to happen. but no point in fixating on the future!