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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
i did a post on standards and the like and i posed the following to you and myself: what makes your such a great catch?

the simple answer is: it varies. not everyone seeks the same things. it's about compatibility. if you look at what most people want, i probably do not fit the bill. let's investigate further.

1. 90% of the time, i dont want kids- that means i dont have them already. for some dudes this matters, others, not so much. there are dudes who want kids so this is a deal-breaker.

2. i dont want to get married- that sounds good to a non-commital man but there are guys in the world who want to one day get married even if it isnt in the immediate future. for dudes who claim they dont want to get married, they also arent looking for a long-term or exclusive relationship, which are things that i seek.

3. i have two degrees- ive read on a couple of blogs that dudes dont give a hell about that and that's fine. i just think it helps to know that in an ideal economy, im making my own money. some dudes want a woman completely dependent on them and those dudes are usually abusers so they can keep that.

4. i clean up pretty nice- i never said i was the most attractive thing to look at but a dude can rest assured that i wont show up to meet his mama looking crazy. i tend to dress appropriately for my size and i do a decent job with my makeup. i can be sexy without being whorish. this could potentially matter because i'm forever seeing dudes paired with women who dont look like anything.

5. i dont care if sunday is football-only- i like football. i dont despise it and suffer through it b/c you like it. i dont pretend not to like it but watch it religiously even without a dude for reasons is ok with me. some dudes actually do not like football (if i meet another one of those i will have a bad time). also, there are dudes who do not care if i like football or not it's something THEY enjoy and has little to do with others. it's neither a deal-maker nor -breaker.

i honestly do not know what guys seek. i kind of only listed the qualities i care about. i want a guy with education, who is attractive/dresses nicely, likes football, doesnt NEED to have kids, and is willing to commit. i want what im bringing to the table. anything else is bonus.

i GUESS i can be flexible on the football thing, maybe. ugh, that's tough. there is something less masculine to me about a man who does not care at all about football. i dont know. im weird.

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T said...

I mean, he doesn't HAVE to like football, but he does have to shut up while the game is on. After typing this I realize that this is mean and that's moving backwards rather than forward in trying to get a man, but none of your readers are trying to date me anyway, so whatever.