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Thursday, November 4, 2010
i havent been to the eye doctor in a while but that isnt what this post is about. it's about my niece. she's 13.

if that isnt the most inconvenient age. this fully developed 8th grader is just the most. i keep forgetting she's a kid b/c she looks older than me (she's taller than me as the MAC makeup artist just had to point out). so when i make plans to do things with her i have to remember to check to see if it's age appropriate. unfortunately, a lot of her movie picks are not. idk what she's allowed to do over her dad's house and such but we have rules on this side of the family. so for a second weekend in a row, her mom and i are going to the movies without her after at one point saying she could come. then we thought about it and we were like "um, can she even see that". that answer is a simple "no".

i want to include her on things but my sister and i dont do too much to begin with. the gun range is highly inappropriate despite the fact that some white boy and his peepaw were there the last time we went. going out to eat gets expensive if we take her #shegreedy and plus my sis sometimes just wants to be sans kiddies. i know my sister hates to shop so she always asks me to take her shopping. i hate her taste so i can go on and on about that. but i also grow tired of the mall myself.

will things be easier when she's like 16? she'll be allowed to see more different kinds of movies. but at the same time, that attitude...LAWD. she's already getting out there with that mouth. whenever im over there, im like "woah, dont get punched in the face". idk. wanna see 11 year old me and my mini me? sure you do. we were bff's from JUMP:

this was my bday tea and if you looked at the rest of the pics from that day, you'd see other folks holding her but she's smiling at me the whole time. :)

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T said...

Aw! That pic is adorable. I have no idea about your questions though. My nieces are 9 and 11 and they're scared of me so the relationship is different.

Product Junkie Diva said...

How cute is this pic??? At 16 or older when you and your sis are thinking of more things that she can do with you, she may only be thinking about doing things with her Timing sucks sometimes.
I know it must be hard to think of activities, how about going to the park umm ok it's too cold for that...
Museum? Ok I'm never bored enough to go there
The library? can't do that every weekend...
OK dang just get a movie and chill at home or bake a cake together shoot I'm clearly out of ideas :-)

antithesis said...

pjd- yea. we took her to the holocaust museum this summer. and ur right about her going to want to hang with friends. i know they get netflix every week and they try to throw in some of her picks. im going to take her to the mall in a couple weeks.