pop-ups: internet vs. real life

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
reader poll: do you think i say the stuff in real life that i type on twitter, fb, and this blog?

the simple answer is: absolutely.

i'm sure i've discussed the pop-ups before. a dude exits my life for some reason and tries to reappear at some later juncture. i've had a recent influx of this and if you're a twitter follower, you've seen my uneditted reactions. let's see if i can provide you with my twitter rant and it's corresponding real-life responses.

poor, unfortunate soul 1:
Oh...I hate pop ups. And y the fuck couldn't u appear, idk, around homecoming so u could drive me down? Useless!

are u stupid? ARE YOU STUPID?! it take your idiotic ass til easters to realize how awesome i am. bitch, BYE.

somebody better get their morehouse brother...

my real life response-
he asked would to ever see me again to which i responded "probably not"

so that was not a good match up of sentiment and verbalizations. let's look at the next case.

poor, unfortunate soul 2:
here u come with the "im sorry" was talkin bout. i dont care about that.

how u come 2 yrs later with ur sorry giving urself too much credit assuming u "hurt" me? u dont make any sense. NONE.

oh! ur michael scott. giving relationships more intensity than they ever had.

my real life responses-

i could ask u the same question but it never matters. i was never hurt over it.

im just trying to understand where all these strong feelings came from when we were only talking for a few weeks.

oddly, it was something u were willing to let go off. and unfortunately for you, it's something u will continue to miss.

let's look at the 3rd and final case presented today.

poor unfortunate soul 3:
what. the. hell? go back to 2 months ago from whence u came! skinny mofos getting cold and wanna holla back at the big girl. bitch, bye.

and who confronts someone via fb for unfriending them? i dont confront u for being skinny. let me live.

oh, uve been busy? STAY BUSY, heaux! and stay mad when i tell u that shit, bitch. these pussy ass niggas...

my real life responses-

nope. no one is 2 months of busy so it's whatever. i dont care. if u dont care, i cant begin to care.

*shrug* i rarely know why anyone does anything. but whatever u say isnt all i can go by. i have to go by what u do. no action= no interest, in my book. plus u said u werent looking for anything so i left u alone. those who want nothing will get just that.

could have sworn i did. if ur too busy, stay busy.


bottom line is this: you cant shit on me and then, as my girl would say, have a come to jesus moment and wanna pick up where things left off. where are you from that that behavior is acceptable?

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