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Monday, November 29, 2010
here is my top ten list of people/things i wish to submit my official letter of #wedontwantany to:

10. blockbuster- we didnt like you before bankrupcy and netflix has us covered for our temporary dvd needs

9. network tv airing infomercials or uninteresting games on Sunday- why would we wanna see ravens v. bucs rather than bears v. eagles???? and then the audacity to talk about the interesting game like you are going to air it only to show this fuckery?

8. kanye west's penis picture- just why did that need to be shared?

7. AMAs- we all know i dont watch award shows and on the one occassion i do, that's what i got? pitchy ballads and pre-pubescent canadians? no, thank you.

6. thanksgiving leftovers- we dont care once the good sides and desserts have been eaten. no one wants to see that dry ass turkey anymore. it's time to cook new food.

5. nicki minaj- i already told ya'll the bitch couldnt get it but we just don't want an album of her all by her lonesome. we also dont need her special edition lip product which is just a copy cat of other pale pink lipsticks from MAC's permanent line.

4. spelling/grammar errors- we NEVER wanna see you write "anchorage" when you are trying to express "encourage".

3. negative nancy- we don't mean our usual anti-ass sentiments on this blog. we mean negative ass people who like to go around sharing an opinion no one asked for. if we make a fb status, it's not always for your approval/disapproval though we recognize it's public forum. our thing is simply, why are you finding something negative to say even if the status is a mere "it's sunday"? stfu, #wedontwantany

2. chronic RT'ers- no one wants to see snippets of your dry ass conversation between you and some other boring person with no context. that's what bbm is for. why are you retweeting that? also, we followed you because we thought you were capable of original thought but we were swindled into seeing 19,000 of your 20,000 tweets being RT's of others and quotes and crap.

1. mass holiday texts- that generic shit woulda passed if it didnt include the phrase "each and every one of you" and the fact that you showed up as a number instead of a name. that phony, 2 or 3 times a year shit? #wedontwantany

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T said...

Mr. West! Mr. West! LOL!