timeline check-in

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
at the beginning of last month, i posted a timeline. one you probably did not read because it didnt have anything to do with you. i will have you know that:
  • i've applied for graduation and had that subsequent $100 tacked onto my tuition bill.
  • i took the NCE and i havent the slightest idea how i did b/c that exam was a puzzle wrapped in an enigma housed in a glass case of emotion.
  • i checked on a contact RE: a job. she aint got one for me.
  • informational interviews were a bust. people dont give a shit that i wanna know about them and what they do. theyre busy.
  • i got a job. it starts in january. not what i deeply and truly want but it's what i got.
  • with that said, im still looking/crossing my fingers to get to do my true interest.

3 thought(s):

sssdawna said...

it's really good that you applied for graduation! what is the NCE? i hate taking tests, personally. what was it like doing informational interviews? i've never done one. i was tempted to contact someone from a company's hr office who got me a good job last year, but i'm telling myself not to give up on the one i really want. congrats on getting a job and hopefully you get to do what you really want soon.

antithesis said...

@sssdawna- NCE is the national counselors exam. i never got the chance to do an interview. i had a hard time getting a response from people to set one up.

Blasé said...

Make the best of what comes along until something better comes along.