show it or dont

Thursday, November 4, 2010
im so over emotionally unavailable males. you want to be with me? you're interested? let the shit be known. gone are the days where i sit and think "well, maybe he...". nope. i dont care what he might be thinking or what his intentions might be. if i dont know, im just not going to know. i might ask if im interested but if there's nothing there to be interested in, i dont care. there is no more "try" with me. either you do or you dont. making excuses for dudes perpetuate their lazy ass mentality that women should do x, y, and z while they should not be held to any standards remotely as stringent. to. hell. with. that. that's some 2010 shit and we're rocketting into 2011. #weoffthat

as always, i'm open to your thoughts and opinions.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

LEt it be KNOWN..i feel ya
Dang it is almost 2011-