you know what phrase i hate?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
"im just checking on you"

wtf does that even mean? checking for what? did you hear that something bad happened to me? IDK how you could have because we havent talked in weeks/months/years. are you predicting something bad will occur? did you have a weird dream that reminded you that i exist?

what kills me is the dudes i used to fuck with who were asked to exit my life. they call a few months down the line or text and say "hey, blah blah blah" and i might ask "who it is" or ask "what's up" or what do they want. "oh i was just checking on you". um....

if you had not done what you did (or not done) and been asked to quit me, you wouldnt have to check. you would just know. furthermore, if you disappeared without a trace or explanation, the same holds true for you.

what are you assessing for? what is this "check" about? stop saying that. what the hell is it that you want? because all im going to tell you is that im fine or im ok or that im great. all that means to me is you're seeing if im dead or not. is that what you wanna know? and why? it's not like you subsequently ask to see me or apologize for being a collosal failure. you are and always have been useless so go away and stay away. i thank you.

4 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL ok ok I am totally guilty of this- but I do think it's different with dating relationships as opposed to friends. I will write to someone who crosses my mind and I will say that phase because:
1)the person is nice and I just want to know that things are well.
2)the person talks too much if I call so I dare not pick up the phone
3)I am so busy that I can't write a longer email so I send a quick text or email....
etc etc.
Now I have the other side of the coin so I now know how some may take that comment...hummmmm

antithesis said...

PJD- u are totally justified in your actions. i dont use the phrase in those circumstances but i do see how it could be appropriate. however, in the context that im referring to, i find it unacceptable.

mrstdj said...

I use it in the same way that PJD uses it, but it's interesting that other might interpret it very differently.

antithesis said...

mrstdj- i hear u. it's definitely about dudes. my girls dont even say that phrase they just check in. so i havent even heard it in that context.