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Sunday, January 2, 2011

at the end of last year we agreed to take a break from all things related to the opposite sex. well, not so much agreed as i made an statement and no one publicly objected. so with this new year comes a new post about my failed missions.

via text this dude was like "look, i like you but i dont love you yet..."

what do you think prompted this string of words making up a sentence? obviously not ME saying the words "i love you" or some ignorant such thing. if you thought that's what happened, i want you to look back up at your address bar and recognize which blog you're reading. what really happened is i requested, of course not in so many words, some "cake" from this guy.

to his defense, this was probably highly confusing b/c i come off as one who isnt into all that lovey dovey shit. i could understand if no one could ever picture me as a "no, you hang up" girl. but if i like you, i will be like that and i want you to be that way towards me. probably not ALL THE TIME but i want it.

so my question is have things changed? do you have to be IN love with someone to show them love?

im not asking old boy to fall in love with me. i would be scared if he did. i just wanted him to act like he liked me. when he said that to me, i was just done. i couldnt imagine proceeding from that. maybe some communication would have been helpful but honestly, i just felt this wasnt what either of us wanted. i feel like by the time i fall in love with someone, i wouldnt want that cutesy shit. i thought the whole point of being cutesy and corny was because that's all you have because you dont know much about each other.

the other thing that got me was when he said something like hit him when im ready to have an adult relationship. ok...adults show affection to the person theyre seeing, dont they?

maybe im wrong. idk. i just felt like my presence in his life was a take it or leave it sort of thing. im not saying i needed to be central in his life. im saying, attention should have been paid. effort should have been placed in cultivating something with me. how can you be aware of some of my interests and still just offer to take me to "get some food"? im not ungrateful but im a strong proponent of quality time. stop asking me what i like to do if you have no intentions of doing those things with me.

let me know if im strange. i'll simply remember this for the next guy.

3 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

No, you're not strange and you should feel like he is interested in you. And it should never feel like a take it or leave it situation, if it does, I will always vote for leaving it!

T said...

He's weird. The end. Look at you soliciting cake.

antithesis said...

either he really is weird or he reads this blog or both. he's acting differently... for now.