what's the matter with you?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
what kinds of dates have you been on? what types of outings do you have with friends? someone out there is having fun.

all my people wanna do is have house parties, go to the bar/club, or eat; maybe SOMETIMES they wanna do movies. prime example: guy asks me out this weekend but doesnt know where he wants to go. that's no necessarily a problem, yet. what's a problem is when i offer a plethora of suggestions met with minimal enthusiasm. who wouldnt wanna go ice skating, laser tag, dave and busters? ok, maybe someone wouldnt and i dont blame anyone not interested in the gun range but i threw that out there, too. what ideas were thrown back to me? the equivalent of 0 because ESPN zone is pretty much the same as dave and busters but it's closed.

i really do not care what this dude picks to do with me; i just want him to pick. i'd rather not just "go get food". i feel like ive indicated enough of my interests for him to come up with something. i had a brief convo with a guy and vaguely mentioned an interest in baseball/softball. where did he take me out? the batting cages. nothing came of that dude but he got mad points for that. i have explicitly told this guy what i like and i get invites to grab dinner all informal -like and to come over because he's bored. i dont mean to complain but, this cant be all there is for me.

am i being too hard on the guy or are folks unimaginative these days? is this a real-life "he's just not that into you"? what the fuck gives?

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T said...

You may be being too hard on him if you haven't known him for a while.

Folks ARE unimaginative these days.


It may be a real life he's just not that into you.

That's the #realissue. How is a girl to know.

I've been on some good dates, but they weren't really out of the ordinary. The best date I ever had included church, a play and dinner, but he was already my man.

I don't expect someone who doesn't know me very well to do all that, BUT it would be nice. :)