best experience of my life!

Friday, January 7, 2011
on new year's day, i took my entertainment into my own hands and purchased two new games for the wii i got for christmas. i picked up def jam rapstar and the michael jackson experience. speaking of the latter, I. LOVE. THIS. GAME!!

if you are familiar with Just Dance, it's the same concept: the object is to match the moves of the on-screen character. for most songs, it's just mike but they have some duets and obviously songs like "thriller" involve multiple background dancers. each song has a rating of either "easy", "medium", "hard" or "inhuman" (ex. "thriller", dancing as michael). you earn star ratings for your performance as a result of points you racked up for achieving the moves. each move earns you a rating of "x" (you missed the mark), "ok", "good", "perfect". for someone who is as rhythm challenged as myself, ive been averaging 3 stars on all the songs. i get quite a few perfects but mostly goods and oks.

my favorite song by him in real life and to dance to is "dirty diana". probably b/c this one is rated as easy and i have 4 stars on it. i like "the girl is mine". honestly, i love just about everything on there.

do you have this game? what other games do you have for wii?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the MJ Exp, but I want to. Hubs bought DefJam Rapstar and we love it! We've been battling once a week since Thanksgiving.

T said...

I've heard great things about this game. I'm jealous.