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Friday, January 28, 2011
my boo on lease aka country que aka army is leaving :(

that's right. i have the sads over a guy. big surprise. this is his last weekend and im taking it kinda hard. i was supposed to hang out with him wednesday and then the commute from hell occurred. he claims we were supposed to go to the movies tonight. i vaguely recall throwing the idea out there and him not giving a definite response. im not feeling well tonight. i cancelled happy hour plans and id actually feel bad if i opted to chill with him after i told my friend i didnt want to attend this party.

im really feeling some kind of way because he said he was gonna go check out this jazz spot near his hotel. you dont know this but i had made reservations to go to a different jazz spot with morehouse dude and he flaked on me, i cancelled the reservations, only to have him call a little while later talking about could we still go out. ive been wanting to check out that little spot country que is going to but i dont have anyone to go with. my person to go with is going alone tonight and will be leaving next weekend. you are probably reading this like "get up and go meet that boy at the club, stupid!"

i would agree with you but im really not feeling like going out after that 8 hour ordeal on wed. idk why i havent fully recovered yet. i also dont feel like i should put that much energy into someone who wont be here and isnt interested in a relationship right now.

he would be the only guy who i'd accept not wanting a relationship but being in my face right now. he's nice and respectful, he has a legit reason for now wanting anything serious (very recently divorced and moves around a lot), and he's in the area for a very short time and doesnt know many people.

*sigh* it's all fun and games until someone has to go back where they came from.

he cant go to the jazz spot. still sexy that he wanted to.

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