that has nothing to do w/ me

Saturday, January 15, 2011
saying stuff like "one day you will..." or "when you finally do..." is futile. what the hell do i care about your future if you're in my past and i can't/won't be a part of your present? and just how do you know when he/she "wakes up" and "realizes" whatever that you won't be around? what makes you the authority on the capacity of his or her intelligence? they may never recognize a damn thing. and honestly, if they dont see you as you think they should see you how in the hell are they the one for you anyway? also, what makes you so great? you're probably not as good as you think you are if so many people need convincing.

this has been me dumping on both our self esteems. yea, ive said that shit before. to tell the truth, ive fallen for that line. what i've learned is that is about the dumbest shit. just about as dumb as saying "you'll never find someone like me again". again, so what?! i dont want you, why would i want another one of that defective shit. and furthermore, i PROBABLY will find another one of you tired ass motherfuckers. i do not know why im cursing this much in one post. im not even mad. *shrug*

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