Highlights: February 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011
  • Auto Show. this has been on my list of things i want to do and it made it to my "do it now" list. DONE.
  • Bartending Class. groupon and the bartending school came through and i was able to schedule and attend a bartending intro class. another "do it now" = done.
  • Chop Chop. i FINALLY cut my hair. had been toying with this idea for at least 2 years. i have a pic up on my other blog in case you're curious. link is in the sidebar.
  • Money. i got my first paycheck from my first full-time, permanent job. i also got my rebate from Verizon for my Droid.
February is a short month and I spent most of it training for my job. Looking forward to fun/excitement in March. *crosses fingers*. What's new for you? What's on the horizon?

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