maybe you're not so bad afterall

Friday, January 21, 2011
i was none too fond of 2010 and i wasnt really looking forward to 2011 (you know me and odd numbers). BUT im actually surprised at 2011. im doing more of the things i want to do and getting back into going out more period. the best thing about this year is actually interviewing for jobs in my field. ive been on two interviews this week. by the time this posts, i will have sat for three interviews. i got a call for a second interview at the place i interviewed at on Tuesday *fingers crossed*. so that's what this week in january has been like for me. full of interviews. here's what ive been doing/have done this week:
  • talking to "country que" aka "army"
  • applying to jobs
  • interviewing for jobs
  • blogging :)
  • tweeting
  • ensuring that im cleared for graduation (i am)
  • working on the crisis hotline
  • seeing a show at the kennedy center (shear madness)
  • restaurant week meals (ruth's chris is a no-go since interviews bumped it. 2/3 aint bad)
what did your week look like?

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Sounds good. Hope you get your dream job.
My weeks have been filled with work and more work ...ugh.