DIN: Update

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Here's my Do It Now update:
  1. bartending class- that groupon was the first BS groupon i have experienced. the process was ignorant. i think i wasted my credits because they are really bullshittin right now. they sent an email saying they'd be glad to credit my account if i was no longer interested. i expressed such and they giving me some run around.
  2. cruise- ive been wanting to go on a cruise since undergrad. im finally doing it. it's my 25th birthday celebration. i got my sister to do it now since the arrangements were made on her CC. now to simply pay her back. (that's annoying. why didnt they let us pay on more than one credit card?)
  3. auto show- ive had this on the brain since that issue of essence where they said it was a place to meet men. that's not why im going but i do see it as a fringe benefit if it happens. well, i dont know because country que said he wanted to go so i grabbed him a groupon, too. doesnt mean he can necessarily go when i go so hope is still alive that i might meet a nice guy while im scoping out the sexiness of some vehicle im never gonna buy.

2 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

I've received thee emails about groupon before but I've never tried to use any of the discounts. Thanks for sharing your experience.
If you go on that cruise I hope you review it, I've never taken one but I plan to one day.

antithesis said...

@pjd you KNOW i tell yall my whole life so i will for sure tell you something about the cruise. i'll post pics and all that. my sister is going w/ me but i doubt she'll let me snap photos of her and even if she does, i cant be posting them to the blog.