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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
that's what im on today. i cant speak for tomorrow or later this week but come the fuck on. guys can continue to act like im just some anything ass broad out here if they want to. they dont have to recognize my worth. i feel like if someone like me isnt what they value, they dont deserve me anyway.

of course, it's easier said than done and it's a lonely road to travel but it has to be done. besides, remember yesterday's post? he AINT all that, ok?

it makes just as little sense for me to treat a guy as more than he's worth as it does when he treats me as less than im worth. if there ever was a "stop yourself" moment, this would be it. i need to stop myself.

i need to catch myself and then stop myself from:
  1. settling
  2. negative thoughts
  3. selling myself short
  4. accepting less than i desire
  5. making excuses for sorry niggas
  6. placing more value on others than respect they've shown me
  7. putting others' needs/wants before my own
  8. worrying
if anyone has tips/thoughts on this, do let me know.

this might seem like a man-bashing post but i really just feel like dudes and i have an ongoing difference of opinion and i allow what they think of me to hurt me. since when does someone's opinion of me need to effect me in any way? it should never and im disappointed in myself for allowing it to happen for so long.

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T said...

Also, someone JUST told me yesterday that I had a guy in the wrong category. Like I was caring if he called or not and it was WAY too soon for that. Of course, I always want anyone I'm feeling to call, but I shouldn't have been mad when he didn't because he should have been in the IDGAF category from jump.

Great post. I will refer you back to it often.