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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
i am so SICK of dudes coming at me on some dating shit and then saying "but i dont want a relationship". im writing this open letter to bullshitting dudes as well as CQ. feel free to read along since im actually sending this to no one.

got it. you dont want a relationship. ok, then what the fuck do you want? have the nerve to say "i dont get why girls get feelings when sex is involved"? so knowing that, you still wanna do what you do and complain when the inevitable occurs. then you get annoyed like "didnt i say i didnt want a relationship"? well...sir, didnt you know if we did that there was a big chance i'd catch feelings?

yea, i knew you didn't want what i wanted and proceeded with that knowledge. things were ok. THEN, you tell me you have feeling for me so then i'm a little confused but i'm thinking, ok cool, i'm not alone right now so let's see where this goes. i guess i get too emotional and it's you screaming that you do not, under any circumstances want a relationship at this time. welp. you're in another state and when you do move, you'll be temporarily in a nearby state but still nowhere convenient to me so...bye. i'm done.

no, there's no one on the horizon but honestly, neither are you. so what the fuck? i'm supposed to make time in my fucked up work schedule to call some nigga who i was just convenient for at the time? and then when you move 2+ hours away, i'm supposed to drive down to "chill" with you. i barely want a long-distance relationship and you want me to engage in a long-distance sex partnership? ive learned my lesson and no dick is worth getting less than what i want. no, thank you. im good. glad you didn't want me to get hurt and all but my feelings are my responsibility so i'm gonna make sure i dont get hurt and imma just leave you alone. no hard feelings and best wishes and all that shit.


not that desperate

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